All 4 Nepal

In 2015 Nepal was  struck by a major tragedy and with many lives lost and many more lives being affected by this event, the people of Nepal had to pick up the pieces from what remains, which we all know will take months of rehabilitation before Nepal could return to its former self. This can only could be achieved through much needed assistance and resources.

Many organisations across the world where helping financially and sending relief into this grief stricken country and we therefore called upon each of our members, to add support to this. We saw there was great work done especially by the members of RT Nepal who through all this, where making a difference where it matters in the epicentre area!

Together with Round Table, Ladies Circle, 41 Club, WoCo Foundation, Tangent and Agora, a joint logo has been designed to show that globally we can work together for the greater good through our Round Table family for the good of the community of Nepal.

We asked our members to embrace this in the way you do best by utilising your experience in raising funds locally and nationally but also raising awareness of your club and organisation at the same time! Any donation, small or large, did make a significant difference in the rehabilitation of Nepal and the lives of those families affected. Nepal really needed us and we where there to help!

We are named the project All 4 NEPAL and it’s about empowering for the future… We asked to collect the donations nationally and then be paid through the webpage once at this is to help us manage to make sure the funds got to those members working on the ground. Once received we will be looking at where best this is split and coordinated by what’s needed….

Round Table International raised together with their partners over € 300,482.42!