Round Table Albania got chartered in 2022 in the finest city of Tirana. Round Table Luxembourg – especially RT6 International guided them through hard pandemic times. With the aim of RT they are willing to charter new clubs and fasten friendships around the world. 


The first Club in the Arabian Gulf, Dubai, was formed in 1976 as an overseas affiliate of RTBI. The Association of Round Tables Arabian Gulf (ARTAG) was inaugurated in 1981 with five Founder Clubs. ARTAG was chartered by WOCO in 1983 at WOCO Bombay. Since 2016 Round Table Arabian Gulf is steadily increasing in members and has worked on a number of community based projects. RTAG may be considered as the most visited association given its geographical location which is also known as the world most frequented travel corridor.

Round Table Austria was chartered in 1955 by Round Table Sweden. Since then Austria has chartered Round Table Mauritius, Hungary and Slovakia. Round Table Austria is doing many charity activities especially for children. Every year a Christmas gift convoy with many parcels is going to Romania and Bulgaria. One of the main highlights is the “90/10” service projects, where projects in South Africa, Mauritius and Sri Lanka are getting supported.

Round Table Bahrain is one of the regions within the Arabian Gulf and is chartert in 1977 by its ‘mother association’ Round Table Great Britain & Ireland.

Currently RT Bahrain has 1 club, but it’s a real active club that is always looking for expansion.


Round Table Belgium was chartered by Round Table Netherlands back in 1950 and since that year, RT Beglium has chartered Round Table France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and Tunisia.

Round Table Belgium is very well known for their sandwich project. Fellowship and travelling is always on their agenda.


Round Table was first chartered in Botswana in 1966 as area Botswana with the association of Round Table Central Africa. In 2016, RTCA was dismantled and Round Table Botswana was chartered. Round Table Botswana has always been a small association with great output potential.

Round Table Bulgaria

Round Table Bulgaria is chartered in 2002 by its ‘mother association’ Round Table The Netherlands. RT Bulgaria is one of the youngest association within Round Table.

In total RT Bulgaria has 1 region, 2 clubs and a total of 23 Bulgarian Tablers.

Round Table CAMEROON

Round Table Cameroon was inaugurated on the 29th of September 2019 with Round table Morocco as Godfather. It all started in 2015 with the first contact meeting. Round Table Cameroon sees tabling as a medium for personal development while giving back to the community. Round Table Cameroon is determined to play a vital role in assisting the less able citizens of the country to improve their livelihood.

Round Table Canada

Canada is a country in North America. Round Table Canada was chartered in 2017 with the help of Round Table Denmark and Round Table USA. Round Table Canada has one active club in the cityRound Table Canada is an aspiring association in Northern America, which was chartered in 2017 with the help of Round Table Denmark and Round Table USA. The first Club in Canada was chartered in the city of Toronto at Lake Ontario. Today, Round Table Canada is building a strong online presence due to the long distances between active members of Toronto. Club number 1 in Toronto has 5 members. Today, Round Table Canada is building a strong online presence due to the long distances between active members

Round Table Cyprus

In 1978 mother association Round Table Sweden chartered Round Table Cyprus. And RT Cyprus chartered Round Table Greece in the years after that. Since 1978 Round Table Cyprus grew to an association with 6 different clubs and 88 members.

Round Table Czech Republic

In 2022 Round Table 1 Prague was re-chartered in the finest association of Czech Republic. In 2007 the association was closed and with the great support of CEE and NEA region and some attempts we were able to bring the back. As godmother association RT Denmark played a major role of guiding them within RT. 

Round Table Denmark

Denmark, a country occupying the peninsula of Jutland, which extends northward from the center of continental western Europe. Round Table Denmark was chartered by Round Table Great Britain & Ireland in 1936. It became the first Round Table outside of England. In addition to its commitment to fellowship, Round Table Denmark does a lot of charity work as well.

Round Table Eastern Africa

Round Table Eastern Africa was chartered by Round Table Great Britain and Ireland in 1954. It is an association with a diverse range of individuals. RTEA has won over the years a number of awards due to its several comprehensive community service projects. RT Eastern Africa strives to improve the lives of its community through service and fellowship.

Round Table Estonia

Estonia, a country in Northern Europe, borders the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. In 1990, Round Table Estonia was chartered with the help of Round Table Suomi Finland. The association is known for its event organizing skills and hospitality despite its small size. In addition to participating in various charity projects, Estonian Tablers cherish the fellowship.

Round Table France

In 1950 Round Table France was chartered by RT Belgium. Since that day they chartered 5 different associations including Italy, Morocco and Romania. RT France is a large association. With over 3,000 members in 262 active clubs, Round Table France is a strong and big association.

Round Table Germany

Round Table Germany is an association that places a very high value on volunteer work. In addition to an annual national service project, there are many lighthouse projects that have been supported for many years like the Christmas gift convoy. At the same time, great value is placed on Fun & Fellowship and international networking & traveling of the tables and the association.

Round Table Gibraltar

Since the chartered in 1978 by Round Table Great Britain & Ireland, Round Table Gibraltar always was a small association. But they are very strong and really feel the energy of Round Table. 21 Tablers in 1 club, but always committed to the values of Round Table.

Round Table Great Britain & Ireland

It is probably one of the most organised associations in the world, but what can we else expect of the founding association of Round Table? In 1927 RTBI was born in Norwich, UK. Willing to change, passing on our great believe and chartering a lot of associations to give them the change to feel the same great experience. RTBI is really living our motto: adopt, adapt, improve.

Round Table Hong Kong

In 1965 Round Table Hong Kong was chartered by RT Great Britain & Ireland. At that time a bit of an odd club in the Asian region, but still going strong with a good member strength. All the clubs have a whole different DNA, but all living the same Round Table values

Round Table Hungary

Almost 30 years ago in 1990 to be exact Round Table Austria chartered Round Table Hungary. RT Hungary have clubs in the capital Budapest, Eger and in Tata.

Round Table Iceland

Iceland is the world’s 18th-largest island, and Europe’s second-largest island after Great Britain. Round Table Iceland was chartered by Round Table Norway in 1970. Although Iceland is a small association in numbers, they are big in spirit. Round Table Iceland is known for its fellowship and as descended from the Vikings they travel a lot and have a strong international presence. Although there are no national service projects, a lot of Tablers participate in charities at the club level.

Round Table India

In 1962 Round Table India was chartered in Madras by Round Table Great Britain & Ireland. RT India has grown by leaps & bounds in those years to become one of the biggest associations. Freedom Through Education & HEAL are the main National Service Projects that have created a huge impact in community and uplifted the masses. 

Round Table Israël

The only association with a ‘holy AGM’ was chartered in 1977. Round Table Israel found the light of Round Table. Helped by his ‘mother association’ Round Table Germany.

Round Table Italy

In 1964 Round Table France chartered Round Table Italy. Our passionate, Italian friends joined our Round Table family and they passed it on to San Marino. Nowadays, Round Table Italy has 60 clubs.

Round Table Kenya

Round Table Great Britain & Ireland chartert Round Table Eastern Africa in 1954. An association with 4 clubs and 36 members nowadays. Round Table Kenya is one of the countries within Round Table Eastern Africa.

Round Table Kuwait

Round Table Kuwait was initially chartered in 1977. Membership was confined to expatriates. However, the Iraqi invasion of 1990 saw the mass exodus of most expatriates from the country in view of the impending war. Following the liberation of Kuwait, no active efforts were made to recharter the club until 2003. In that year, men in Kuwait who were tablers previously in other countries managed to contact each other. In October 2003, Round Table Kuwait was rechartered sponsored by Round Table Bahrain.

Round Table Kuwait has 1 club with 16 members and is part of Round Table Arabian Gulf.

Round Table Latvia

Latvia is a country next to the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. Although, Round Table Latvia has a rich history of Tabling, having chartered 4 clubs which unfortunatelly were retired. In 2011, Round Table Latvia was rechartered by Round Table Estonia. Round Table Latvia is well known for its fellowship and hospitality. Despite the association’s small size, they actively participate in service projects and side-by-side projects with Ladies Circle Latvia.

Round Table Lithuania

Lithuania is a country in the Baltic region of Europe. It is one of the three Baltic states and is located on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Round Table Lithuania was chartered by Round Table Sweden in 2000. Round Table Lithuania is known for their hospitality and charity events.

Round Table Luxembourg

Are they Dutch are they French? No! It’s Luxembourg. The journey of RT Luxembourg started in 1963 when Round Table Belgium chartered this small but great association.

With their Duck Race they created a very high benchmark and raising thousands of Euros for people in need.

Round Table Madagascar

Who doesn’t know the Melman, Julien, Alex, Skipper and the other heroes of Madagascar? The great movie with the cartoon animals is not the only amazing product of Madagascar, they also have a Round Table association too. In 1995 Round Table France chartered Round Table Madagascar. Round Table Madagascar believes that service to its community is a way of life. Over the years there has been tremendous effort and funds invested in projects that target the less vulnerable in the society.

Round Table Malawi

Round Table Malawi was established in 2017. As a young association, RT Malawi is extremely active and is involved in numerous life changing projects. We are growing steady and new clubs is expected to be chartered in the near future with the country. Get involved and make your life meaningful while you enhance your surrounding environment.

Round Table Malaysia
Round Table Malta

Probably one of the most beautiful islands you will find: Malta. And this warm and friendly island also have a great Round Table. chartered in 1975 by Round Table Great Britain & Ireland, Round Table Malta was born. Nowadays RT Malta has 3 clubs and over 40 members.

Round Table Mauritius

In 2006 its ‘mother association’ Round Table Austria and Round Table Luxemburg chartered Round Table Mauritius. This young association is growing strong and spreading its wings. Round Table Mauritius is one of the strongest association in the AMI region with a wide range of life changing projects implemented by its member tables. Shaping the Future is a theme that has no doubt drives the success of Round Table Mauritius and will continue to do so for many years.

Round Table Moldova

Round Table Moldova was chartered in 2019 by Round Table Germany and Round Table Romania. As a young chartered club, Chisinau 1, we focus on Fellowship, Strength, and Expansion. Living with the true Tabling Spirit, ADOPT. ADAPT. IMPROVE, we got the award Club of the Year in the CEE region in 2020-2021.

Round Table Monaco

In 2012 the kingdom of Monaco gain a new family: The Round Table family. Monaco is from origin a country with over 100 nationalities. Nowadays Round Table Monaco has over 12 different nationalities in 1 club.

Round Table Morocco

In 1969 Round Table Morocco was chartered by its ‘mother association’ Round Table France. Nowadays they have 4 clubs and over 45 members.

Round Table Namibia

In 1951 Round Table Great Britain & Ireland chartert Round Table Southern Africa. RTCA is formed by Round Table Namibia and Round Table South Africa. In total RTCA has over 14 regions, 150 clubs and over 1,000 members. Round Table is getting bigger and stronger in the southern part of the world!

Round Table Namibia itself has 5 different clubs and over 34 members.

Round Table Nepal

Just before the Millennium, in 1999, Round Table Germany and Round Table India chartered Round Table Nepal. RT Nepal is known for it’s great service projects and strong international connections. With fellowship at its helm RT Nepal has made a brand when it comes to hosting tablers from all over the world. 

Round Table The Netherlands

Right after the second world war, Round Table Great Britain & Ireland chartered Round Table The Netherlands. A small country in the west of Europe, but with great ambitions. In past years this small nation, grew to one of the biggest associations within Round Table International.

Round Table New Zealand

In 1953 Round Table New Zealand was Chartered by Round Table Great Britain & Ireland. Round Table NZ has a unique tabling experience due to the distribution between North & South island. It is known to host one of the most sought after mass tours in RT International : Neville Bullock tour.  

Round Table Nigeria
Round Table Norway

Norway is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. Round Table Norway was chartered by Round Table Denmark after World War II in 1947. Round Table Norway is known for their Head Hunter Project where their initiative became a template for the rest of the associations on how to grow their members. They promote men’s health in their service projects. Norway’s Tablers are very much known for their fellowship and hospitality.

Round Table Philippines

A great young association in the ASPA region with amazing service projects. Frequent travel and participation in International events has made them well known in the tabling community. It is an ever-growing association in a beautiful country which is on the bucket list of most travelers.

Round Table Portugal

In 1984 Round Table Belgium chartered Round Table Portugal in Porto (TR 1). In 2004 Round Table Lisbon was chartered and rechartered in 2011. Nowadays they have 2 clubs in Portugal.

Round Table Romania

Who doesn’t know Dracula? Did you know that this creature has his origin in Romania. In the region Transylvania to be specific. But in 1990 Romania got a new amazing phenomenon: Round Table. Round Table France chartered RT Romania.

Round Table Russia

Russia is a transcontinental country spanning Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. In 2016, Round Table Russia was chartered by Round Table Suomi Finland in St Petersburg. Although they do not have an active social project, they are known for their fellowship and hospitality.

Round Table San Marino

San Marino, a country within a country (Italy), is an official Round Table association since 1993. Round Table Italy chartered this great association.

Round Table Saudi Arabia

Round Table Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) is one of the regions within the Arabian Gulf and is chartert in 1977 by its ‘mother association’ Round Table Great Britain & Ireland.

Currently RT Saudi Arabia has 1 club, but it’s an active club that is always looking for expansion.

Round Table Senegal

Senegal is a country on the Africa’s western coast with many natural attractions. Dakar the Capital, features the ancient Médina district and esteemed Musée Théodre Monod, displaying African art. We all know the Paris Dakar rally, but did you know that in 1982 Round Table Senegal was chartered by Round Table France? Round Table Senegal strives to make an impactful change in its community.  

Round Table Seychelles


The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. It is home to numerous beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves as well as rare animal such as the giant Aldabra tortoises. And since 1984 Seychelles is also home of Round Table Seychelles thanks to its ‘mother association’ Round Table eastern Africa. Its signature event the Round Table Seychelles Regatta has been its greatest community service fund raising event for almost 5 decades now.

Round Table Singapore

In 2013 Round Table India chartered Round Table Singapore. Known for its great hospitality and for hosting all traveling tablers who are passing through Singapore. Though an emerging association they have made a mark for themselves because of their involvement in Round Table International activities. 

Round Table Southern Africa

In 1951 Round Table Great Britain & Ireland chartered Round Table Southern Africa (RTSA). Round Table Southern Africa is spread over 2 countries. South Africa and Namibia. Round Table Southern Africa is considered as the big brother in the AMI region with the most members. Over the years Round Table Southern Africa has significantly contributed towards its community and on the international level as well. Round Table Southern Africa remains a strong association and is getting stronger year by year.

Round Table Sri Lanka

Tabling in Sri Lanka started with the induction of Colombo Round Table 1 in 1994 by Madras Mylapore Round Table 3 of RT India.  RTSL gained association status in 2003 and is one of the most popular associations in the International community. The island country is known to be an amazing host to all visiting tablers and has successfully hosted memorable Round Table International meets. 

Round Table Suomi Finland

Finland is a northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Round Table Suomi Finland was chartered by Round Table Denmark in 1948. Round Table Suomi Finland is known for hospitality and fellowship. They also are very active in collaborating with the rest of the RT Family members.

Round Table Suriname

Suriname is a small country on the northeastern coast of South America. Round Table Suriname was chartered by Round Table Netherlands in 1956. They are active in their community social projects and fundraisers. Round Table Suriname is known for their extremely friendly Tablers and very laid back attitude.

Round Table Sweden

Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe. In 1943, Round Table Sweden was chartered by Round Table Denmark. Swedish Tablers are known for their promotion of Movember and men’s health. They are very fun loving and known for their hospitality.

Round Table Switzerland

The Alps, skiing, cheese,..all great experiences of Switzerland. But in 1958 Round Table Belgium introduced a new great experience in Switzerland: Round Table. In this year Round Table Switzerland was born. Nowadays they have 37 clubs and over 550 members.

Round Table Tanzania

In 1954 Round Table Great Britain & Ireland chartert Round Table Eastern Africa. An association with 4 clubs and 36 members nowadays. Round Table Tanzania is part of the RTEA association.

Round Table Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago, is the southernmost island country in the Caribbean. In 2016, Round Table Trinidad and Tobago was chartered by Round Table Suriname in San Fernando. Round Table Trinidad and Tobago is multiple award winner for their social projects. They are also known for their hospitality and fellowship.

Round Table Tunisia

In 1983 Round Table Tunisia was born thanks to the charter of his ‘mother association’ Round Table Belgium. For years it has been really hard for this guys to travel to other Round Table associations, but they managed to spread their name and become a strong association.

Round Table United Arab Emirates

Round Table United Arab Emirates is part of the Round Table Arabian Gulf association. Round Table RT Arabian Gulf  is chartert in 1977 by its ‘mother association’ Round Table Great Britain & Ireland.

Round Table United States of America

The United States of America is a country primarily located in North America. Round Table USA was chartered in 1982 by Round Table Germany in New York. They are known for their charity events and active participation with events abroad.

Round Table Zambia

In 1974 Zambia became part of the Round Table International family. Round Table Zambia was born as an independent association. Since then a lot of emphasis has been put towards serving the community through different community improvement projects. The tabling passion in Zambia is phenomenal and the unity within this association has enable Round Table Zambia to be one of the most vibrant association in the AMI region.

Round Table Zimbabwe

The first Tabler (Harare 1) was established in the country in 1953, with Round Table Zimbabwe becoming a standalone association in 2017 upon the dissolution of ARTICA. Round Table Zimbabwe offers great fellowship initiatives and opportunities.  Extremely committed towards the betterment of its people Round Table Zimbabwe has contributed enormously in community projects. The growth of Round Table is something that RT Zimbabwe has at heart.