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During the RTI Half-Year meeting held virtually on the 6th of March, a motion was passed allowing an e-Club to be established. We have received a number of questions with regards to the e-Club from members and what impact this would have in the longer run.
Why do we need an e-Club?

Life happens – there are a great many Tablers who emigrate or move to areas where Round Table does not have a presence. Some Clubs close where there still are one or two members who still want to be active. Currently, these members and their knowledge, experience and skills are lost to Round Table.
Furthermore, we see new prospects in countries or cities where Round Table is not present. The process to start a new Association or a new Club is onerous and most times these prospective members never complete the road to become a part of Round Table.

How will an e-Club help in retaining members?

The e-Club will provide the members who would have been lost to Table a place to stay and to continue their Tabling career. These members will transfer from their existing association into the e-Club and will be able to continue Tabling with other members from all over the world. They will be able to stand for leadership positions in the e-Club, thereby utilising their experience to the benefit of new members joining in as well.

Once these Tablers move to an association or city where Round Table is present, they will be able to transfer out of the e-Club and resume their normal Tabling career.
If there is a critical mass of these Tablers in e-Club in a city to then form a new Table or association, this will assist in the long-term growth of our movement.

How will the e-Club work?

Between the RTIHYM 2021 and the first AGM of the e-Club, focus will be placed in getting experienced Tablers in as members of the e-Club. The RTI Vice President will be responsible for this as well as to arrange the initial AGM.
The e-Club is envisioned to be a stand-alone associate member of RTI who will elect their own leadership at their founding AGM. A draft initial constitution was drawn up that will form the base of the e-Club way of working. This was drawn up from current Round Table association constitutions as a base and can be viewed as part of the RTIHYM 2021 meeting pack as on Tabler.World.
The plan is to have the e-Club as a fully functional associate member in the next year. E Club will be able to appoint a councillor to attend and represent them at any RTI level event.

How much will this cost?

As being a fully independent and self-sustaining association, the elected leadership of the e-Club will have full discretion on the fees being charged to their members. As a minimum, the RTI capitation fee and the annual Tabler.World subscription cost will be charged. As the needs of the members of the e-Club arises, they will be able to determine their own capitation fee and structure.
As the e-Club will be a perpetual associate member of RTI, they do not qualify for any RTI travel grants or funding. This has been done to ensure that no additional burden is placed on our current members.

What stops the e-Club from competing against my current association?

The intention of e-Club is not to compete with any existing association, but merely to offer our members an option instead of them leaving. To this end, we have drafted the membership criteria in the e-Club constitution to not compete with any existing association.
e-Clubs will only accept the following members:
- The member is relocating to another country or area where there is no Round Table club or association present within 50km’s; or
- A club has closed and there is no other Round Table club present within 50km’s; or
- Where the executive board of an Association provides written permission for this member to join the Association, for whatever reason.
The RTI e-Club is only open to membership up to 40 years of age.

What are the next steps for e-Club?

We are very proud and confident that e-Clubs will provide an alternative option to members who might otherwise have to leave Round Table. During May to July 2021, we will be focussing on transferring experienced Tablers into the e-Club. An AGM will then be held before September 2021 to elect the leaders of the e-Club. With an experienced core of members in place, new members will then be targeted who have not yet had any experience with Round Table. We anticipate targeting these members in countries where Round Table is not yet present or still very small.

What can I do to help the e-Club effort?

In the next few months, we will share links to forms where anyone can add details of members who have been lost to Table and who might be interested in the e-Club. We would also appreciate any details of potential Tablers in locations where Table is not present.
We will be in touch with these members in order to gauge their interest in e-Club and will be reporting back on our progress in all future RTI Meetings.

Round Table International E-Club
prospective member form

This form is used to collect the details of potential RTI E-Club Members. This can be completed by any current or past Tabler or anyone who knows someone who would be a good fit into the RTI E-Club. 

For more information in the RTI E-Club, please visit https://rtinternational.org/ or contact vicepresident@round-table.org

All information received will be used confidentially and for the purposes of Round Table Membership only and will not be made available to any third party without the express written consent of the individual detailed here.

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