Addressing your questions


During the RTI Half-Year meeting held virtually on the 6th of March, a motion was passed allowing an e-Club to be established. We have received a number of questions with regards to the e-Club from members and what impact this would have in the longer run.
Round Table International E-Club
prospective member form

This form is used to collect the details of potential RTI E-Club Members. This can be completed by any current or past Tabler or anyone who knows someone who would be a good fit into the RTI E-Club. 

For more information in the RTI E-Club, please visit https://rtinternational.org/ or contact vicepresident@round-table.org

All information received will be used confidentially and for the purposes of Round Table Membership only and will not be made available to any third party without the express written consent of the individual detailed here.

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