RounD Table Family

41 Club International

The main objects of 41 Club International are to maintain at international level contacts between clubs and their members throughout the world and to maintain the bonds of friendship which unite all Ex-Tablers. Members are encouraged to support their Round Table and support charity and community service initiatives. “41 International” has approximately 35,000 individual members and is a key member of the Round Table Family of clubs.
“41 International” is led by an International Board which comprises a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and the Immediate Past President. Two Word Meetings (An Annual General Meeting and a Half Yearly Meeting) are held by the members each year in different countries.
Some “41 International” members manage international youth exchange programs annually for their children and grandchildren over 18 years old. YAP (Young Ambassadors’ Program) lets them discover what Round Table is about and encourages them to join a club locally.
“41 International” was founded in 1975 by France, GB&I, Belgium and Germany and is the international umbrella organisation which unites associations of past Round Tablers clubs in countries across the world. It was set up to allow members to continue friendships that they had formed when they were in the Round Table. Members of Round Table are obliged to end their membership when they reach the age of 40 or 45, according to the country in which they reside.
41 Clubs (‘Ex-Tablers’ or ‘Old Tablers’) started to be formed in Great Britain and Ireland in the late 1930’s. The first one in Liverpool in May 1936. The National Association of ex Tablers was formed in Wakefield on 12th May 1945, the day World War Two finished! Over the years it grew in size as the Round Table movement itself flourished. At one stage it had over 1000 clubs and 25000 members,
As Round Table expanded into Europe and beyond, 41 Clubs and National Associations grew and in 1975 “41 International” was formed. Today, the movement is still growing with nearly 30 National associations in existence and more to come.

Ladies Circle International

History of LCI Ladies’ Circle (LC) sets its roots in England where the first Circle was founded in Bournemouth by wives of Round Table members. By 1936 the first English Clubs formed the English National Ladies’ Circle Association (GB&I). At that time, during the war ‘Circling’ was limited to social obligations:
  • helping out at the hospital
  • running canteens
  • visiting hospitalised people
  • gathering articles of clothing for orphans etc.
In 1947 and 1949 LC Sweden and Denmark, respectively were founded. By 1950 there were 5 LC Clubs in Scandinavia and work started for an Inter Scandinavian Association which was founded in the same year. It is worth noting that during this time contacts between GB&I, Sweden & Denmark flourished. Since Denmark & Sweden were forming their own National Associations the Inter Scandinavian Association closed.
29 May 1959 is an important date in the History of LCI since it is on this day, at the RTI AGM in Leiden, Holland the three countries established Ladies’ Circle International (LCI).
The founder members of LCI were Molly Worley (President), LC GB&I, Jen Ulfvik (Vice President), LC Sweden, Margery Coombe (Secretary), LC GB&I, and Søs Tarp (Treasurer), LC Denmark. This is where the constitution was drawn up based on equality of all member associations within an international structure. From this developed the Aims and Objects:
To promote international friendship, understanding and goodwill by encouraging members to extend their knowledge of each other and other people.
To promote, co-ordinate and develop the extension of Ladies’ Circle throughout the world.
To be non-political and non-sectarian
The membership was open to wives of Round Table who fell within the age group 18 to 40. As the years rolled by other countries joined LCI with the last country to join being Canada last June 2007. In 1994 at the Annual General Meeting a significant rule change was passed, following which Ladies Circle International became totally independent from Round Table, in that Ladies Circle is now open to all women between the age of 18 to 45.
In 2006 LCI & RTI signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two clubs to encourage a closer relationship whilst assisting each other. Referred to as the ‘Side by Side’ (SBS) agreement for which two pins have been produced. Proceeds from sale of pins go towards International Charity projects for Ladies’ Circle and Round Table respectively.
Today LCI is an international service organisation represented by approximately 13,000 members, in 36 countries across continents Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.
The motto of LCI is Friendship & Service’.

Agora Club International

Agora Club International is a club for women from the age of 42 years (Non Past Circlers), 45 years (Past Circlers), and older with different professions, hobbies and interests.
Agora Club International is a platform where all Past Circlers and other Non Past Circle friends from diverse horisons can meet.
Agora Club International is represented in 23 countries around the world. Agora Club International is working together in respect with Ladies’ Circle, Round Table and 41 Club International.
The spoken language at international meetings and in correspondence is English.
Their Aims and Objectives are
  • To link together all National Associations of the ACI.
  • To promote, co-ordinate and develop the friendship which unites them around the motto “Donner et Tolérer”, which means Service and Tolerance in English.
  • To be non-political and non-sectarian.
  • To maintain good relations with the organizations in the Round Table Family.

Tangent Club International

Tangent Club International (TCI) is an international umbrella association of Tangent Clubs worldwide. A Tangent is a geometric shape – a straight line tangent to the circle – the figure is the symbol for our purposes which are:
To promote and strengthen international friendships established through Ladies Circle International.
To promote, encourage and support new international friendships between Tangent Clubs worldwide.
To assist LCI wherever and whenever called upon.
To work side-by-side with the Round Table Family.
To be non-political and non-sectarian.
Our motto is: Let Friendship Continue.
In Tangent Club International, we wish to pursue the best we gained from Ladies’ Circle International – friendship, unity and the LC-spirit. Tangent Club is a natural extension to Ladies’ Circle, so the friendships and networks established at Ladies’ Circle can be maintained, when the upper age limit of Ladies’ Circle is reached.