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How to join Round Table

Membership of Round Table is for young men aged between 18 and 40 [or 18 and 45] depending on your country of residence irrespective of their religious beliefs or political opinions. However, Round Table is a closed club. That means that you have to be invited by one of the current members.

Although a completely separate organisation, we do exist “Side by Side” with Ladies Circle.

How it works

You would normally join an individual club where you work or where you live so that you can benefit most from your membership as you certainly get out of it what you put in, as with any hobby. Most clubs meet twice a month and are responsible for creating their own programmes. This means that no two clubs are exactly the same. One meeting might be activity based and the next might involve a matter of local concern or provide an insight into a local business and there are always plenty of social events for partners or wives and families to get to know each other.
Round Table contains more than 2300 clubs in more than 65 countries Worldwide. Every club is called a Round Table and depending on the country there may be from one to several hundred clubs making up a National Association.
The National Associations have as one of their aims “to further the peace and goodwill in international relationships” and so become members of Round Table International. Many individual clubs “twin” with other clubs in other countries and arrange exchange visits on a regular basis.

Could YOU be missing out?

If you should remember one thing when you leave this site, it is the sense of pride and enthusiasm that members of Round Table have that creates lifelong friendships.