Mission & Vision

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Mission & Vision

The aims & objectives of RTI

To promote fellowship and understanding between Round Table Associations worldwide.

To promote the formation of new Round Table Associations throughout the world.

To initiate, develop and improve working relationships with Club 41 International, Ladies Circle International, Tangent Club International and Agora Club International for fellowship, networking and Joint Service objectives.

To promote and administer Joint Service Projects worldwide.

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As a member of Round Table, you’ve got the unique opportunity to meet over 30.000 new friends world wide. You will find them from the plains of Africa to the favelas of Brazil. From the mountains of Nepal to the skyline of New York. Round Table is a worldwide organisation, so don’t hesitate to get a taste of its magnitude. There are lots of options to experience Round Table on an international level. Whether you’re interested in traditional events such as AGM’s or number meetings, or you just prefer to improvise, you’ll discover your next destination here!