RTI University


For the past 93 years since established, Round Table has crafted young men from all walks of life into fine Gentlemen, who have gone on to do bigger and better things in and for the society. From being Motivational Speakers to Stand up comedians and from Movie Superstar to active politicians who’ve reached as high at Prime Minister – Tablers have made waves in all professional arena.

Thus as we strive ahead in Community Service and Fellowship, addition of this facet is linked to personality development of an individual. Along with it, it can help in learning, enhancing our outlook in tabling related matters as well as other industry matter along with sharpening the personal skills and knowledge. Leadership and Personal Development Program inspires to unleash the leader in you and exercise your power of mind.

The various facets in RTI University

RTI Board Training
This year for the first time, a formal training program for the RTI Board Members along with the board assistants by professional facilitators was conducted. OT Himanshu Gupta and OT Narender Agrawal along with our Past Presidents RTI Jerone, Kaj, Yann and Majid facilitated the whole 11 hours program. The aim was to enhance the knowledge base along with build in strong dynamics of team building and team work. It also involved role specific training focusing on planning, execution, communication channel and clear understanding of authority and responsibility of each individual member.
Association Training
Various associations specially smaller ones with less members and are striving to grow further are requiring various kinds of training for tabling matters. This facet shall help them in organizing the same with coordination with experienced facilitators and trainers. We shall also have experience sharing programs from seasoned tablers and help them in enhancing the tabling culture in their country.
Certain programs at the regional level will also be organized. We shall also be focusing on organizing IRO's and Vice President's Training Program which will help them to be better prepared as they take over the important roles in their association leadership. Social Media Training in the month of October got good response with participation from 13 associations. We also plan to have a Treasurer's training in December and Secretary's training in January.
RTI Table Talk
Round Table International’s Talk Show focuses on tablers and non tablers that have made a difference and continue to do so. Participant will join us to talk about their experience and discuss and share about their journey till where they are today. We might be having some industry expert for better showcasing as well. The aim of the show shall be to provide motivational and inspirational words to the fellow tablers. First episode of the same is going to be released in November. Taking this opportunity if any of the association have contact and want some one to be showcased request them to be in touch personally.
Covid – 19 situation has given all of us a new dimension in life with the virtual world. Embracing the virtual reality, RTI in its aim to provide some benefits to its members will be organizing different webinars with Fellow Tablers, Industry leaders and experts across the world. We shall be promoting tablers who are experts as well as non tabler industry experts for the same. We aim to have it frequently taking different aspects of the economy and industry.
Leadership Conclave
All of us are would have consensus, tablers can learn more when we physically meet and have a program with fantabulous fellowships. The Leadership Conclave is a physically present program, where different experts, trainers and facilitators are going to be invited and a LAPD ( Leadership and Personality Development ) session will be organized. The same will have fellowships and will be organized at a proximity location for most of the member associations. However, looking at the current scenario, we might be doing a small subject focused training through professionals online as well.
Voice of Tabler Survey
The Survey aims to bridge the gap between the RTI Board as well as floor tablers internationally. Learning more about the satisfaction and behaviorally attitude of tablers with respect to tabling will be sorted through it. A formal analysis by an expert will be done for the data received and shall be provided to the International board as well as association specific on request of the particular association board. The survey is launched and hoping for a encouraging and valuable feedback.
University Tie Ups
Being a young men club, we always aim to stride forward to learn and explore more opportunities which shall help us in future endeavors. Putting the similar target, RTI University shall get in touch with renowned colleges and universities across the world and try to get some special offers on various training courses, modular learning as well as other learning programs. Enhancing the personal skills and knowledge and providing leadership and personality development opportunity will be the focus area.
Scent of Change – Life Touching Stories
Many tablers in their tabling journey have experience events which has put up an significant impact in one's life. We want to consolidate such stories which actually has been life changing, life touching or an effort from someone which was beyond their normal boundaries or capacity. We want to live the spirit of " Tablers are brothers from other mothers." Having a consolidated story book might be really useful for future reference and also strengthen our philosophy of brotherhood and fellowship.