Check-in Tuesdays

Recognised by the UN, October is World Mental Health Month – aimed at creating awareness
& breaking the stigma surrounding Mental Health issues.


Being a vital topic, we believe mental health should not be allocated to a single month
or day. Creating awareness & addressing this topic should be done on a very
regular basis.


To help us achieve this, & to create a “culture of empathy” Round Table
International & your loved ones, needs your help!


Introducing Check-in Tuesdays a multi-platform weekly or bi-weekly
social media campaign.

The concept: From Individual, Club to International level, encourage your Members
to dedicate a Tuesday social media post to Mental Health subjects, facts,
shared stories & to prompt their audience to check-in with their fellow RT
Family, family, friends, & colleagues. Using primary hashtags:
#CheckInTuesday & #WeCanWeWill


Starting the 18th of October 2022, we would like to have a unified voice & take Mental
Health issues head on. Your actions will not only lighten a hard day, but it
might even save a life.


Next Tuesday, “check-in” & Table on. Here’s to better & global
mental health!