Education Station

Education Station


During the previous tabling year, the five pillars of service were introduced. One of these pillars is Education, where we focus on equipping the youth with the tools and skills to change their lives. We chose the month of January to focus on this pillar as it marks the beginning of a new calendar year, new resolutions, or a new chapter in life. All of this is dependent on some form of Education.


We chose the theme Education Station for several reasons. Apart from the fact that it has a nice ring to it and sounds super cool, we believe it’s very relevant as a station is a place where you would arrive and act on what direction to take. Will you exit the train and start working as an adult, or will you continue the train and carry-on studying? Or will you board another train?

The fact is that we can make a difference as Tablers. As the RTI board, we would like to encourage everyone to partake in this initiative. As an association, your association can decide what form you want to get involved in as a collaborative. This project is unique because it is so adaptable. You as an individual, your local table club or the whole association can partake in this project in one way or the other.


Whether you build schools, pay a student’s school fees, help with extra classes for a struggling student or do something small like packing a lunchbox for a low-income family who can’t afford it. Anything you do is making a difference.

Gentlemen, it doesn’t matter in which form we partake as long as we do. Education of our youth is our responsibility. We firmly believe that the possibilities are endless once we apply our active imaginations to this project.

Your involvement and contribution will help change the world.

Yours in international table

Paul Dippenaar
RTI CSO 2021/2022