Uncle Jumbos Christmas Show

Name of Area : Natal South Coast Area

A children’s pantomime run by the Tablers and Legs of Kloof Round Table 190. Children (and
parents) are entertained by the antics of Uncle Jumbo and his friend over the course of the
evening before Father Christmas arrives to hand out gifts. Food and drinks on sale during the
show from our friends at Kloof Village Mall Superspar

Recurring project, 47 years

Impact of project 
We generally have around 2000 tickets sold over the course of the shows 10-night run.
Patrons are encouraged to donate gifts or non-perishable items which are collected on a
nightly basis by various charities from the upper Highway region. The reach of the project is
difficult to calculate, but approximately 5-10 charities (of varying sizes) are directly
contributed to from the show. Funds raised are allocated to various initiative throughout the
year. Estimate this amount to 500-800 individuals through various projects and

Amount spend to date in Euros : 376000 Euros


“To all the patrons who attended the show on the 3rd of December 2019,
thank you for all your donations. It is because of you that Focus on iThemba were able to
collect your gifts and share them with the children.
It is your continued support of the Uncle Jumbo’s Christmas show that we were all able to
bring joy and happiness to the children over Christmas time.”

Uncle Jumbos Christmas Show